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Icarus Talent Tool v1.2.1

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  • Styx map added with caves in the Map module (rotations may still be wobbly)
  • Switch between maps using the button in the upper-right
  • Radars and extractors adjusted to proper Tech trees.
  • Off next week, but working on new features in interim.

  • Mouse: left-click and right-click change Talent Levels
  • Touch: Tap to show the tooltip, tap again for +1, Long Press for -1
  • Navigating away from this page will wipe your build (I don't use cookies presently) - though you can switch to the Map and back.
  • There is no level cap, but talents stop coming in at 50, so I'm leaving the displayed cap at 50 for now.

Select "Talents" or "Tech" at the top to begin.